Broadcom co-founder bets he can still avoid prison


Nicholas also faces drug-related charges, including accusations that he slipped ecstasy into the drinks of business associates.

Nicholas and Ruehle have pleaded not guilty and are free on bail. District Judge Cormac J. stock options backdating cases.

The probe into Broadcom’s options backdating led the Irvine, California-based telecommunications chipmaker to write down $2.2 billion last year, the largest restatement of its kind.

Backdating involves retroactively setting a stock option’s exercise price to a low point in the stock’s value, boosting the profits that are attained when the shares are sold. Broadcom co-founder Henry Samueli is 12bet gambling that an appeals court will accept a plea deal that would spare him prison time in one of the largest U.S. It is legal when properly accounted for, but if companies fail to properly disclose the move, profits can be overstated and taxes underpaid.

Samueli is leaving his guilty plea in place as he pursues the appeal, his attorney, Gordon Greenberg, said Tuesday during a hearing in U.S. Nicholas III, who are accused of conspiracy and securities fraud in connection with the backdating probe.

On Tuesday, Carney warned Samueli that if he loses his appeal, he could face a harsher sentence than the one he had agreed to with prosecutors. Samuel’s sentencing is set for Aug. If convicted, each could face life in prison.

Under the plea agreement, Samueli would have served five years probation and paid $12 million to the federal government in addition to a $250,000 fine — the maximum allowed by law for the offense.

He made the plea under a deal with federal prosecutors that would have let him pay $12 million and get probation instead of prison.

Samueli would not have been required to help federal prosecutors build their cases against Broadcom’s former chief financial officer William J. 3.

Carney rejected the deal as too lenient, saying he did not want the public to think the billionaire owner of the NHL Anaheim Ducks could buy justice.

In June, Samueli pleaded guilty to lying to investigators from the Securities and Exchange Commission about backdating at Broadcom.

. Ruehle and company co-founder Henry T. District Court before U.S… Read more

Cruise Ship Gambling: Oceans Of Fun

The cruise ships don’t have Off-track Betting, so they offer in its place a m88 game in which players move horses mounted on poles around a track. Through this blog, we offer travel tips, personal experiences and photos from our vacations. Horse owning passengers will go all out, naming their steeds and even costuming them. You’ll be able to play all the classic table games like Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and Poker. Your cruise ship casino will have sot machines in abundance, video poker, and for the less sophisticated gambler, lots and lots of Bingo. But what if you could have a casino vacation which included the cost of your transportation, your lodgings, and your meals-and by meals, we mean five-star cuisine served at any time of the day or night?

One of the silliest, yet most popular, forms of cruise ship gambling is shipboard horse racing. The final day of your cruise will be the culmination of the shipboard horse racing, when passengers are allowed to buy their horses for a set fee, usually $100, and race for a pot of the entire sales proceeds. We love to share our experiences and have recently created myroadtotravelblog to help us do just that. Nassau and Paradise Island in the Bahamas are just two examples of cruise ship gambling locales where your real payoff will be in enjoying the scenery!

Your cruise ship will post the hours when the casino is open, and it won’t be open when you’re in port. Remember to book your cruise at myroadtotravel

By: Tim Roseland

Most cruise ship casino dealers are, in fact, British or European, and simply more “civilized” than land-based dealers who are under pressure to get as much money out of each player as possible.

One more aspect of cruise gambling is that many ports-of-call for popular cruise lines offer onshore gambling in some of the world’s most breathtaking locales. The casino staff will, for a small fee, teach you some professional gaming tips before you actually try your luck at the tables. The distance of each move is determined by a roll of the dice. Cruise ship casinos can operate only in international waters, but during your at sea days, you’ll probably be able to gamble between 11:00 AM and 2:00 or 3:00 AM.

If that sounds like just the ticket, you should book your next vacation on a cruise ship. While most people don’t take cruises solely for the opportunity to gamble, those who do love thee cruise ship casinos. Some cruise ships take 10% of the final pot and award it to the owner of the most cleverly dressed horse.

myroadtotravel was created as way for my wife and I to do what we love most..Travel. But for some of us, the ordinary risks we face each day don’t offer enough excitement, so we love to indulge in some extra gambling for fun (and, hopefully, for profit.) Buying a weekly lottery ticket is enough satisfy many of us, but millions of others prefer neon and noise with their gambling. The casino on your ship doesn’t need to entice you to play with drinks, because it’s the only casino available. The Bingo tournaments are usually held during the afternoon.

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Life’s a gamble. So while you’re certainly welcome to imbibe as you play, whatever you drink will be charged to your onboard account.. For them, there are casinos.

While Las Vegas and Monte Carlo are the two cities best known for their casinos, casinos have begun to crop up all over the United States. Please stop by and give us your feedback and remember, for all your travel booking needs please visit myroadtotravel

One thing you won’t get in a cruise ship casino, however, is free alcohol. Even so, the cost of getting to a casino, and paying for lodging and meals during your stay, may be more than you’re willing to pay. Delightfully laid-back compared to their noisy, crowded Las Vegas counterparts, their more relaxed atmosphere is due in large part to the well-trained and friendly dealers who are more than willing to educate passengers on the nuances of table games.

Many cruise ships have gaming lessons for their gambling wannabes… Read more

How To Master Sports Betting

So do yourself a favor and swear off them. You can’t let the highs and lows affect you too much.

Because of this point, it is probably better if you steer clear from any matches involving the teams that you like. Information and doing your homework is important, but you don’t want to full into the trap of information overload. Business is business and you need to be concentrating on who is going to win regardless of who likes and who doesn’t like which team.

Speaking of the long run, this is what you should be focused on. You want to know who trained and who didn’t. Travel is a factor such as when East Coast sides travel to the West Coast and vice versa. You will be better off for doing so in the long run.

Look for value bets. The weather conditions also make a difference as they do in horse racing. Also look into how sides perform the week after doing certain travel. What is the point of drowning yourself in statistics and research for what you could just as easily decided with a flip of the coin? So you need to sift through it all and just take the morsels here and there which are really important and make a difference. Upsets are always going to happen but see when it makes the most sense when to go for that and when not to. Anything less than this and it is going to be a disaster. Hopefully this kind of thinking will keep you grounded. On the flip side, you shouldn’t bet against a team because someone you don’t like roots for that team. If you are going to do it you need to do it properly and master it, it means you are completely organized and focused. It’s all about accumulating winnings. Over time, you will learn what it should be that you should be paying attention to.

In the case of team sports, injuries are important. Thus when you are doing well, you will still be focused and when you aren’t doing so well you won’t be thinking that it’s the end of the world. You don’t want to lose money just because you weren’t on top of your game.

The most important thing is that you need to take emotion out of the equation. It could provide great insight as to predicting what will occur.

Sports betting m88 is an easy way to make a tough living. For instance, if you are pretty certain that a side is going to win and they are getting good odds for this than take this. So if you suffer a bad break along the way, just remember it goes with the territory. This means that when you place your bets you need to be thinking clearly and concisely. It is only going to place you in a difficult position and as much as you might think it won’t be, your decision making ability is going to be compromised. You shouldn’t favor a team because they are the team your best friend supports. It doesn’t matter if it is pretty or not.… Read more

The Role of a Buchmacher in Sports Gambling

Beginners may require visiting several m88 websites to find a credible one and understand the rules of the games.


Buchmacher is a person that invites people to bet on their favorite sporting events like golf championship, baseball match, football, rugby, tennis and much more. Starting with little money and increasing the amount gradually is the key to success in sports gambling.

In this time and age, when everything is available online, sports aficionados don’t need to visit places with gambling facilities as they can find a reliable buchmacher right on the web. The first thing they need to do is locate a trustworthy buchmacher.

Playing sports has been a source of entertainment since time immemorial and people also take pleasure in watching sports. The author has worked as a famous bookee with a few renowned organizations. Today every sporting event is watched by millions of people across the globe and this is evident from the number of viewers that sports channel gets whenever there is a sporting event takes place in any part of the world. When this activity takes place among a larger group, it requires a buchmacher to regulate the betting process and distribute the winning amount.

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Shrin Sndu has good knowledge about differnt games,including football, tennis, basketball, handball, eishockey and motorsport. Beginners need to do much homework prior to starting gambling. Visit each website and find the services and betting facilities the website is offering. Once they have reliable websites, they can read their rules or compare different websites to find the best. One thing that beginners should keep in mind is that they should never start with huge money as they can make lose the money in gambling. Some sports books share their profit with their members to encourage them to invest more money in gambling.

. For more info,please visit Buchmacher and Sportwetten .

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Every sport gambling website has its own set of rules that need to know prior to using its services. Betting is a common activity during any sporting event and one find betting within their group on the outcome of the sporting events. Sports book remains stable during betting process as his role is limited to providing services and assisting gamblers. He provides certain services required for betting and also provides latest information on every sporting event taking place in any city or village in the world. Just Google the keyword “sports book” and you will get a long list of trustworthy sports booking websites. There are many sports books and all the sports books operate online. The role of a sports book is to overlook all the betting and make sure that the gamblers use fair practices… Read more

How To Find A Great Betting Website Like Bet365

. If a high volume of consumers state that a website of this type is fraudulent then you may want to turn the other direction immediately.

If you want to obtain access to one of the very best betting resources out there that offers advice on odds, has livescore information, and that even has a TV guide, then you should immediately check out BetXpert. They are one of the leading online resources of their kind and have assisted countless individuals in learning the ins and outs of online betting and have assisted them in finding the very best betting websites available.

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By: Vikram Kumar

The good news is that the process of finding an exceptional m88 online betting website doesn’t have to be difficult. All websites of this type generally claim to be the best and to offer the best odds. Immediately turn to the expert services of Betxpert to get what you want when you want it so that you can quickly get on your way to making the most money possible from placing online bets. In fact they are one of the only websites of their type that actually offers a TV guide.

The one thing that you want to keep an eye on is the reputation of each betting website that you have on your mind to join. For every great betting website out there like Bet365, there are hordes of other betting websites that simply have a poor reputation or that actually rip off their customers.

If you truly value your money and only want to deal with the very best and most professional betting websites out there, then you must seriously take your time when choosing such a website and must compare them one to another. That is why you must be very careful when selecting one of these types of websites to do business with. That way you can be certain to find an excellent betting website like Bet365, while being certain to avoid those online betting websites that will simply take your money or that will offer the very lowest odds possible.

Want to find a betting website like Bet365 or a betting resource that has a TV guide ? If so look no further than BetXpert.

Consumer reviews are a great asset that you can make use of in order to learn more about these companies and in order to determine which ones are the very best. Not all gambling websites do what they claim to do or offer the types of payouts that they insist that they do.

The main problem that online betters face when it comes to selecting a betting website is just that — selecting a betting website! With so many options available to online betters this process can become quite tedious. There are numerous things that you can do and can consider doing in order to ensure that you are making the very best choice possible.

They are a reputable online resource that has more features than their biggest competitors. That is why you must be diligent in investigating these websites to ensure that you are only dealing with the very best and most professional websites of their kind.

Don’t waste your time with other like websites… Read more

Beating Roulette By Dealer Signature

The famous “Ritz club coup” has got a lot of people interested in this subject recently. I tried to find it figuring some of the highly professional croupiers in London might be more predictable-guess what, I couldn’t.

For example, it should be possible to reduce the error caused by the ball falling off the track to pretty close to 0 by simple observation.

Similarly, with ball velocity, the error can be substantially reduced by observing the number of revolutions, or revolution-fractions in the period before the coupier calls out “no more bets please”.

Often, it is simply obvious that the dealer has changed gear, and these spins can be eliminated as random noise.

However, while the DS phenomena is non-existent or not exploitable as a practical matter, it can apply on individual spins. A remark in one of Edward Thorp’s academic papers on fun88 roulette prediction “Approximate calculations yield a 15% edge” caught my interest.

I derived a method from Thorp’s analysis of dealer signature, the fallacious notion that dealer’s spin the ball consistently enough to be somewhat predictable. High-stakes teams use highly complex formulas which eliminate much of the randomness cause by variables such as tilt, the obstacles, and any bias. The procedure is basically this:-

To fully exploit your advantage you need to understand how to diversify your bets to fully exploit your advantage. Relatively simple devices can yield a 44% edge. You need to read up on this in Edward Thorp’s “Mathematics Of Gambling”

The problem is, as Thorp records, the RMS at each of the three stages is often larger than 18, let alone collectively. Without an understanding of optimal betting theory you are not going to make any money at this. That is all you need to go for the chandeliers.

Finally, because the variables of a given spin rarely behave themselves, you will not be betting on most spins. Thorp states that he would be willing to examine proof to the contrary. Predictive roulette technology is unfortunately out of reach of most individuals. We can use our powers of observation to determine what those spins are.

1) Calculate the average number of pockets a dealer dealer spins the ball away from the last number he rolled.

2) Calculate the RMS (Root Mean Square) error, presumably expressed in some number of pocket-widths, from the release point to where the ball falls off the track.

3) Calculate the RMS error, again expressed in pocket-widths, in the velocity of the rotor.

4) Calculate the RMS error in the velocity of the ball.

5) Add the root mean square errors together. Now you can bet the last number rolled + the number of pockets around the track determined by your dealer’s signature.

Sophisticated roulette predictors use a “cadence”, a song-fragment or sound, as a constant unit of time, to measure the number of revolution-fractions a ball has passed through in a given period.

I have made several attempts to play roulette with an advantage, and while profitable, I never really felt like I would be able to play at a professional level.This article concerns one specific method roulette players use, known commonly as “Dealer’s Signature”, the notion that a given croupier may spin the ball with such predictability that you can calculate its approximate resting place.

Now, finally, there is the subject of roulette computers. This a little like backcounting at blackjack.

. Any figure less than 18 indicates a positive expectation can be attained… Read more

Sports Betting Odds by Benered Fransisco

In sports betting odds, the odds are termed as “MONEYLINE”.The sports betting odds there are no point spread for many of the sports such as boxing, tennis etc as there occur no way to measure the points or score in which the player wins or loses by. The bookies set a lot of numbers by keeping the public in mind and the person who begins to study can understand easily as to how the person can gain more and on the numbers set by the bookies.

In college, also sports betting odds have taken reign even though it might be considered illegal by many. In sports betting odds, such as football odds is becoming more vibrant each year. Apart from this, he also works as a consultant on gaming management, strategies, personnel and marketing… Read more

Poker Video Blogs Videos | PokerTube

I decided to film the events to make a cool video to add to my living my dream episodes I have been making. (Daniel Negreanu) Why I’m not playing NBC Heads up 2013 and a recap of my Millionaire Matchmaker appearance.

LaoTzeon 14/3/13

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PokerStars Blogger Rick Dacey joins Laura Cornelius to talk through the action so far at EPT London.

LaoTzeon 2/3/13

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While at Parx Casino for WPT Parx Open Poker Classic, Mike, Vince and the Royal Flush Girls headed out to the horse races to try their hand at a little horse betting.

wutron 17/4/13

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Just some quick tips on dealing with a downswing.

. I hope you enjoy the video.

LaoTzeon 24/12/12

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At the recent WPT Copenhagen father and son duo Tony G and John Eames got to sit down and have a good old chin wag about life, poker and their hate for Phil Hellmuth

LaoTzeon 13/1/13

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Sarah talks to Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso about her life before poker.

LaoTzeon 31/1/13

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From $100 to $100K playing poker tournaments on Pokerstars. Iveys replacement perhaps?

eddycadubon 2/7/11

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Video blog before event 54 of the WSOP with Joao Costa, freeroll package winner.

MOCACHOCAon 25/3/12

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WWW.MOCACHOCA89.COMnTWITTER: @MOCACHOCA89nFACEBOOK: MOCACHOCA89nnI spontaneously decided to take a weekend trip surfing to Costa Rica whilst in the middle of a sick grind challenge. Women who say men cant multi task havent tried dating a poker player yet. Featuring team pro acoimbra.

HardBluffaon 25/1/13

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Latest Daniel Negreanu Video blog. I managed to film, edit and produce the video in a week, whilst grinding insane volume. I knew I would play a lot of poker there because I used to live/grind there and the people grinding there know how to grind. notbrookon 14/6/11

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The new red pro employed by Full Tilt Poker… Read more

How to Stop Harassing Phone Calls

Many times, it may happen that someone is just trying to have some fun and your retaliation gives them an opportunity to trouble you more. Take steps to stop such calls and live your life in peace.

Stopping Harassing Phone Calls from Creditors

Harassment is a crime that is a punishable offense similar to gross misdemeanor or felony. If the person calling does not leave a message, you can assume that he/she is the culprit. You should let them know all the details, such as if you knew who was calling, whether the person was intoxicated, etc. Today, we carry cell phones along with us and stay in touch with our family and friends 24/7. You have a law to protect you from harassing practices. You may also have to file a formal complaint before the phone company can take any action to stop such calls.. If the number of calls is more and frequent, the company will immediately take some action. You should call the phone company’s business center first and let them know about the harassment. Therefore, one should find ways to stop such calls.

Stopping Harassing Phone Calls

You can even register yourself with the National Do Not Call Registry that will help you stop the phone calls from telemarketers. The company won’t act if you receive just one or two harassing calls. You may have to pay a fee for availing this facility. Or you can say that you have invoked your rights under the fair Debt Collection Practices Act and ask them not to call you again. Steps to Stop Harassing Cell Phone Calls

Phone is one of the most effective and useful way for instant communication. Do not say anything in shock or express anger. This might probably scare the caller and would make him/her stop from harassing you further.

You need to call the local phone company and let them know that someone is repeatedly calling you to harass. The local phone company may have a policy to first call the phone company or may inform the police first. But a phone is also an annoying medium that can be used to threaten, harass, and send obscene messages. In this case too, you can again use your voice mail service and repeat the message above stating that you have activated call trace and the call is being recorded. It is an invasion of your privacy that may turn into a frightening experience. Once the phone company takes note of your harassing phone calls, they will tap your phone line. However, many times the phone company may suggest call trace and you may not have to pay the fee. There are many softwares available for cell phones that help in stopping such phone calls. When someone calls you excessively, uses obscene or threatening language, or just uses silence to intimidate you, it can be termed as a harassing phone call. These phone calls tend to take away your peace of mind and can cause stress in your life. Be sure you ask the company regarding this facility and its payment. You may also avail the facility of ‘Call Trace’ to trace the harassing calls. The information collected by ‘Call Trace’ will be forwarded directly to the law enforcement agency handling your case.

You need to contact the local authorities if you receive any type of harassing phone calls. You can get one such software installed on your cell phone to get rid of this annoyance.

In case the phone calls are obscene and your life or property is at stake, call the police immediately. It should be taken seriously and you must make sure that you let everyone you trust know that someone is harassing you through phone calls.

If you are receiving harassing phone calls from creditors, you can simply disconnect the call without saying anything. The calls affect not only your personal life, but even those around you. You can receive harassing phone calls from a salesperson, teenagers playing pranks, credit collectors, ex-partner, etc. You can even stop these calls by activating ‘selective call block’ in your cell phone. The Fair Debt Collection Protection Act helps you against such phone calls from creditors.

When you receive a call from the number of the person who is harassing you, simply hang up. They should now communicate with you in writing only. If this does not work, you can activate your voice mail system and play a warning message that states that because of receiving harassing phone calls, the phone company has tapped your phone. Do not worry that you maybe breaking any law by not speaking to your creditor collectors. You are now supposed to keep a track of the number of times the person calls you, the time of the call, and date of the call received… Read more

Horse Racing System Easy-three – Can It Make You A Winner?

By pure accident, he tripped over something that had stared at him for the past 33 years that he had been going to the track — but yet he never realized — in his wildest dreams — the incredible power of this factor holds!

How would you like to walk into any race track OTB parlor, or race book and without even looking at the past performances, the public handicappers, or even the program — and end the month as much as $17,000 richer? Better yet — all starting with a lonely $20 bill?

According to Mr. You can even use it with Early Bird wagering and make your selections for the whole day ahead of time. Sanderson has stated that he started with a $20 bill and $17,000 dollars in 30 days at one track. In fact, It doesn’t even need to use the track program!

The author, Art Robinson is an internationally known educator on proven lottery, gaming and money-making systems, and recommends Dave Sanderson’s Easy-Three method. Sanderson you can pick more winners each and every day and win more money day in and day out than ever before.

. Sanderson that every racing fan looks right at and never realizes the awesome power of it.

If you are tired of all the empty promises with so-called winning systems that don’t perform how about something different? How about a winning system that can win and win so much money on small bets? Dave Sanderson explains how his incredible new method can do this with no racing form or past performances needed, and with almost 80% winners from horses and dogs.

Mr. Then, come back later and collect like you never have before — it’s that incredible.

You may not believe this, but Mr. Although there is a play in every race, there is one and only one selection per race. Sanderson can prove to you that the Easy-Three is the most incredible mechanical system for picking winners ever conceived!

Plus, it does not require past performances to be used and does not use the selections of any public handicappers. As a matter of fact there is no need for the track program but according to Mr. The win percentage can be a remarkable 75 to 80%. It has nothing to do with public selectors or public handicappers. Even though he did not really believe the secret to winning consistently was in the past performances he wanted to be able to win and knew that there was something missing from the whole racing jigsaw puzzle — something that hasn’t seen yet by most fans!

If you have even the slightest interest in horse or dog racing, you owe it to yourself to check out Dave Sanderson’s new method.

In a miracle month at Hollywood Park, California he used a winning progression – starting with only a $20 bill and achieved profits of incredible $17,000. Without using the past performances and listen to this – he didn’t even use a track program.

This incredible winning factor is not in the past performances. There is no need to attend the track for last-minute information. With his eyesight failing, it became impossible to read the past performances. This includes thoroughbred racing, trotters, Pacers, quarter horses, and all dog racing – even Appaloosa racing at the fair tracks. He claims that his new method is the most incredible moneymaker ever. Find out how this method may help you start winning by visiting:

By: Art Robertson

The method can be used in all forms of pari-mutuel racing. Sanderson, he was 63 years old when he retired and decided to pass the days that the one thing that he always loved — horse racing. It can be played at the track, or any OTB parlor or race book. And, it is one of the most simple systems you will ever use.

He calls his method the Easy-Three and considers it the most incredible secret about winning at horse racing since the first track was built! This is so incredibly simple according to Mr. These results took place between May 6 and May 28.

That is exactly he said he did! Using his Easy-Three system for horse and dog racing he has stated that he took a single $20 bill and ran it up to an incredible $17,000 in less than 30 days!

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Easy-Three is completely mechanical in every way — Everyone that uses it will get the exact same selections… Read more

Best Companies to Invest In

TRW Automotive generated a revenue worth $16.2 billion in 2011. Today, gold is considered as one of the best form of investment. In the long term, investing in these firms should prove to be a wise decision. In 2011, First Solar featured in the Forbes list of ‘America’s 25 fastest-growing technology companies’. Going by revenue, Apple Inc. Although First Solar is a smaller organization in comparison to companies mentioned in this write-up, it is one of the best companies to invest in., Inc.

The largest online retailing company from America,, Inc. The companies revenue for 2011 was $2.77 billion. Google offers an array of Internet services and products, which has made it an indispensable tool for Internet users; internet search is Google’s domain expertise. This company has 200 facilities in 26 countries. generated a revenue of $48.07 billion in 2011. generated revenue worth $156.508 billion. The value of its total assets jumped from $57 billion in 2010 to $72.574 billion in 2011.. It would be a wise decision to invest in big firms like these. Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, Amazon was launched in 1995. Apple is also into manufacturing of consumer electronics. Tenneco, which is based in Lake Forest, Illinois, was founded in 1940. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, under the symbol, ‘TRW’.

First Solar, Inc.

Based in Tempe, Arizona (USA), First Solar manufactures thin film photovoltaic (PV) modules. In 2009, the company was ranked 169th in the Fortune 500 companies list. Market share, profits, share market listings and other such parameters are used to judge a company’s performance on the economic front. is amongst top companies in the world; the company is based in Seattle, Washington. Real estate and bonds are the other options, on which you can bank on in situations like recession.

The factors which could contribute to worsening of the prevailing global economic slowdown are high rate of unemployment, build up of consumer debts and budget deficit faced by governments. In 2011, the company’s generated a revenue of $7.2 billion. The company’s initiatives in the renewable energy sector (for e.g., solar energy ) are set to pay rich dividends. Tenneco’s growth rate for a five-year period, through to 2014, is projected at 18-20%. Investors have trusted the General Electric Company. At the time of launch of iPad3, Apple Inc.’s valuation figure reached the $600 billion mark; in September 2012, the company was valued at $626 billion. was founded on September 4, 1998 in Menlo Park, California. Ride control and emission control products are the main products manufactured by this company. The company is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the ‘AMZN’ symbol.

Tenneco, Inc.

Listed on the NYSE under the ‘TEN’ symbol, Tenneco is into manufacturing of automotive parts. The worth of General Electric’s total assets for 2012 was $717.242 billion. You need to take all these factors into account before investing in a company. The company’s revenue for 2012 was $147.3 billion. The company registered profits worth $9.737 billion in 2011. Finally, one has to say that bigger firms owing to the safety net offer, are amongst the best companies to invest in.

Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes only and does not in any way attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.

TRW Automotive

This company supplies automotive systems to some of the major automobile manufacturers of the world. The firms that are economically strong and consistently deliver profits can be included in the list of best companies to invest in. is one of the largest technology firms in the world. Based in Livonia, Michigan (USA), TRW Automotive was ranked 5th in the Fortune magazine’s list of companies supplying motor vehicle parts. This multinational company has 22,000 employees working in its 80 manufacturing facilities in 24 countries.

Google Inc.

Google Inc. The company is headquartered in Cupertino, California (USA). However, apart from just valuations, the technological advancements made by the company should also be taken into consideration before making any investments. Companies like GoldCorp and Procter & Gamble are also considered as safe bets for long-term investment. The company is listed on the NYSE under the ‘GE’ symbol.

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. However, it is advisable to consult an expert before making any kind of investment.

General Electric Company

This is one company which you can rely on., Inc. Going by gross revenue, General Electric was the 6th largest company in USA in 2011. The employee strength of TRW Automotive is 70,000. It is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the ‘AAPL’ symbol.

Tips for Investors

There are certain guidelines to follow to ensure that your invested money fetches good returns.Invest in a company that generates a minimum annual revenue of $5 million.

The company you are investing in should have a strong sales record.

See to it that the company you are about to invest in, offers a stock price more than $5 per share.

One of Warren Buffet’s timeless principles that you can use while making an investment is to demand a margin of safety for your purchases.

The companies listed above are amongst the reputed ones. manufactures personal computers and the software that is needed to run them. This is because technology, in today’s world, has enabled entrepreneurs to build multi-million dollar corporations in considerably short periods of time.

Best Companies for Investment

The companies listed below are known to be trusted by investors. Today, GE is making forays into the conventional energy sector (petroleum). They have maintained a strong economic record. In 2012, Apple Inc… Read more

Casino-Gaming :: Sports Betting Using Offshore Sportsbooks

After you have registered for an account, you are going to need to deposit

funds into the offshore betting account. And offshore sportsbooks offer the sports

bettor a complete playing and entertainment experience.

Nothing beats the thrill of betting in a Las Vegas sportsbook, but offshore betting is an easy

alternative for many Americans that like to wager but don’t necessarily have the resources to

travel to Nevada every weekend. You will find that offshore betting is an easy alternative

for Americans that like to wager but do not necessarily have the resources to travel to Nevada

every weekend. Offshore betting

is proving to be a safe, secure, customer-friendly, billion-dollar industry, complete with

sportsbooks and online casinos. However, make sure that the offshore sportsbook does accept US players. Instead of piling the

kids into the minivan for a road trip to Las Vegas, consider the offshore sportsbooks for

convenient, hassle-free betting from the comfort of your home computer. Betting offshore from home also allows the bettor to shop

around for the best lines, which encourages bettors to have accounts at different sportsbooks.

Bonuses as well as seasonal promotions and a variety of wager limits are all advantages

to playing with an offshore sportsbook rather than a land-based sportsbook.

After you have found the book that suits your betting needs, you are going to need to sign up

for an account. Remember,

the point of gambling on sports is to have fun. If you don’t know which sportsbooks are quality, well run businesses, visit a few gambling

websites. In addition, the fact that you

can wager, 24/7, from anywhere in the world online or over the phone gives the offshore

sportsbooks a big advantage over the walk in environment. The offshore sportsbooks make the wagering experience

more convenient and pleasurable because of the instant access along with a much larger

betting menu and high wagering limits. . The offshore sportsbooks make

the wagering experience more convenient and pleasurable because of the instant access

along with a much larger betting menu and high wagering limits. Still, the customer is still king, and successful offshore

betting sites recognize this. In addition, make

sure that it is a quality sportsbook that is secure.

Leave it to good old-fashioned competition to improve the betting industry. I do know that on my website, I offer a sportsbooks section which lists some of the

superior offshore sports betting books that I personally bet at daily.

Betting offshore from home also allows the sports bettor to shop around for the best lines,

which encourages bettors to have accounts at different sportsbooks. I suggest that the offshore betting online portal only promotes 3 or 4 of

the best and most secure offshore sportsbooks that accept US players. With more

offshore betting sites being established, customers are winning with nice bonuses and freebies

as companies duke it out to win new business. If you don’t know which books are quality,

well run businesses, locate a gambling website which lists some of the superior offshore

sports betting books. In addition, the 2

sportsbooks that I use offer fast payouts and have great customer service. In addition, I recommend to record all your offshore

betting transactions in a log to track performance, betting trends, and any information you may

need to look back on someday.

Every year, more and more serious bettors flock to Internet sportsbooks like 5Dimes Sportsbook,

BetUS, and BookMaker Sportsbook. Fortunately there is a lot of easy information to be found on just about

every sportsbook on the Internet. I personally bet at

only 2 sportsbooks daily since I find the odds given are very competitive. With more

offshore betting sites being established, customers are winning with nice bonuses and

freebies as companies duke it out to win new business.

Most of the offshore betting parlors offer 1 free payout a month. Bet offshore and make

a wider variety of picks at anytime of day from the comforts of your La-Z-Boy. The positives of offshore betting are hard to

ignore, whether via Internet or telephone… Read more

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Sports Betting Blogs

No ego’s, bashing, fighting etc. Enjoy!

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Sports betting blogs are a great resource to add to your daily sports handicapping

arsenal. The forum is an online community of sports bettors, like yourself, who are passionate about betting on games and picking winners against the spread.

Bovada – Bet sports, play poker, wager on ponies and gamble in their casino all from the same account. Come check it out at What you’ll find at the Predictem forum is a great group of guys (many which have been with us since 2001) who care about the community and just want to talk sports. Ours is much different! Our forum is heavily moderated and we’ve got a zero tolerance for bickering, chest thumping and the like. Voted fairest online casino on the web!


We’ve scoured the web in search of these sites and have made a list below of sites that we found to be of great value and offer our readers helpful information in their quest to beat the bookie. There are many blogger sites out there that are run by diehard

sports fanatics that are actually better than some of the biggest sports

information sites on the web.

Progressive Parlays – You can lose a few picks and still get paid!

Featured Articles

You’ve probably seen other handicapping forums on the web before. Online registration is closed but we’ll hook you up if you send us your desired username and password.

Intertops – One of the biggest bookies on the web! In business since the 80′s, you win here, you get paid! See site for current bonus promotions!

5Dimes – Biggest teasers and parlays found on the web! Bet on games at -105 odds instead of -110! Move the line 20 points in foots and 16 in hoops!

Bet OnlineSportbet SportsbookBodog

Sportsbook Promotions

Note: We’ve listed a handful of sports betting blogs on this page but when we go back every year to check and see if they’re still udpating, they’re dead! With that being said, we’re going to recommend that you check out our sports betting forum… Read more

Using Reverse Line Movement To Win

This may enable you to get the stale more favorable sports betting line at the time the reverse line movement hits at the triggering Sportsbook. RLM takes place when more money/ sportsbook picks are bet by the small percentage of bettors that are on the unpopular side (the sharps) than is bet by the huge majority of players betting the popular side (the squares). It should be noted that many fewer MLB games have qualified so far this season (is the whole world using RLM now?), but smaller profits is still profit.Again, these records are for Money Lines only and do not include totals.Finally, NHL sports betting has picked up 148.49 units in two years, and unlike MLB, NHL had four sportsbooks out of the top five gain double-digit units this past season. This would make Miami +6 the RLM play.

So what causes RLM when the aim of most sportsbooks is to get as close to balanced action on both sides as possible? The answer to this is quite simple: the sharp bettors; the one’s who give sports betting advice. Sure, using this approach leaves open the possibility of the line turning around and moving back against you, but as you will see in bit, betting as soon as an RLM qualifies has been profitable in every major North American sport such as the last two seasons, so if one line turns around, so be it. Note that these records are for sides only and do not include totals.

The NFL sports betting is generally considered the toughest sport to beat, yet blindly following this method produced an exceptional 59.2 percent win rate last season, improving the two year record to 328-249-12, 56.8 percent, +59.06 units. Carib ruled the roost season at 93-66-9, 58.5 percent, +18.55 units after ABC held the penthouse spot in the 2007-08 season.

The highest two-year winning percentage using RLM from the top five books belongs to College Football, which went 480-341-10, 58.5 percent, +95.10 units. To illustrate, let us say that San Diego Chargers open at -7 over the Miami Dolohins, and over 70 percent of the sports bets placed on the game are on San Diego. The huge problem with this is that the nfl line, ncaaf line or nhl line may have moved too much by that time, and all of the value has been sucked out of the unpopular side.

Article Directory:

NBA sports betting has the lowest two-year five-book RLM winning percentage among the 11/10 sports, but then again, every gambler in the world would kill to go 382-301-9, 55.9 percent, +48.90 units, and the 57.5 percent win rate this past season is nothing to sneeze at. Another important recommendation is to use a slow moving (but reliable) sportsbook. The records quoted below are based on the bets being made at the triggering books, so beating the move by a half-point or a few cents now and then would actually make your record even better.

Also, games where over 60 percent of the public are on one side, yet there is reverse line movement of at least 10 cents on the Money Line from the opening number at the top five sportsbooks in MLB and NHL sports betting has also been profitable. So what we recommend is to only use the top five each season for each individual sport (in terms of units won). Furthermore, they list the RLM records for many individual sportsbook, making it easy to spot which books this system is working at and which books it may be best to ignore.

Thus, following reverse line movements is the same thing a following the smart money. We tracked the top five books for each of the pointspread sports for the last two years, as as you can see, this strategy has been profitable in every sport. Quite a few RLM followers watch the moves until almost game time, and then bet accordingly.

The proper way to make a sports bet using reverse line movement is to place your bet as soon as there is an RLM of one full point (or 10 cents in MLB and NHL) off of the opening line. Keep a close eye on Canbet here, as that Australian sportsbook cracked the top five both years.

College Basketball sports betting was not too shabby either, with a two-year mark of 492-356-22, 58.0 percent, +91.96 units. This is where an important word of caution is in order though. All of this will be fun to follow (not to mention profitable) when every sport except baseball are going on simultaneously during the winter months. Keep in mind that NCAAB was the most liquid sport in terms of top-five sportbooks however, with not a single sportsbook making the top five both years. However, instead of the line rising as you might expect, it instead drops to Chargers -6. Last year was a good RLM season for NFL sports betting (45-29, 60.8 percent, +11.91), but two sportsbooks that were in the top five in NFL RLM in both seasons.

By: Manny G

Now do the sharps win every single time? Absolutely not! However, they are right more often than they are wrong, so being on the same side as the sharps is a prudent strategy over the long run, and again, the best thing is that there in absolutely no conventional sports handicapping necessary..

To back this up, our friends over at have tracked the records for games where over 60 percent of the public has been on one side, yet there was reverse line movement of at least one full point from the opening number at the top sportsbooks in NFL, NCAAF, NBA and NCAAB. Keep an eyes on the top five sportsbooks at Sports Insights though, as NCAAF sports betting has been very liquid in that regard, with only one sportsbook (believe it or not, Bodog) finishing in the top five both years.

So what exactly is reverse line movement? RLM takes … Read more

Horse Breeds of South America – The Chilean Horse

By moving round and round the grain would be threshed from the stalks. By the turn of the 16th century, numbers of horses were being trained as war mounts against the Mapuche indians. The neck should be of medium length with a wide base and a clean throat. Stallions average 455kg and mares 442kg. Father Rodrigo Gonzalez Marmolejo is regarded as the first breeder of the Chilean Horse. The tail is thick and wide and may cover the hindquarters and the hind legs when viewed from behind. Father Marmolejo began breeding for quality in 1544. Many of the best rodeo horses were bred from these mares.

Apart from war mounts, breeders were looking for horses with lateral dexterity, an even temperament and courage in abundance. The thick mane, tail and forelock protects the animal from the cold and also from attack by insects.

As with many breeds, the ideal Chilean horse will combine speed with strength. Tails were docked and maned hogged. A decree passed in 1557 stated that each year, cattle would be rounded up and sorted, castrated, branded, etc. Horses were used to push the cattle down long alleyways into classing pens. The Chilean horse needs to drive a steer at full gallop then pin the animal (which may weigh as much or more than himself) and immobilise it against the wall of the medialuna.

Highly valued in a Chilean horse is what is known as ‘acampao’. Only the upsurge in the popularity of the Chilean rodeo saved the Chilean horse from quietly disappearing.

Another tradition which arose was the use of select groups of mares to act as threshing teams. They do not shed their coats as readily as some breeds. The profile may be straight or slightly convex but certainly not concave. The breed has a high pain threshold and great immunity to disease.

The breed began in Peru. Most points are gained if the horse is able to thrust hard enough against the beast so as to lift it off its feet. Stock horses were expected to face and hold cantankerous cattle. A taller horse would make contact too low on its body and would lack the stability necessary. The breed’s specialisation for rodeo events has assured its purity more than any other factor.. The hindquarters are deep and well-muscled.

The Chilean

The Chilean horse of South America is also known as ‘caballo chileno’. The ears are very mobile and the nostrils wide. Interestingly, the breed standard asks for a 1.64cm to 1.84cm girth circumference for a mare and only 1.62cm to 1.82cm for a stallion. Chile became the first country to register their national breed. By the 18th century, 7,000 head of cattle would be herded down from the mountainous terrain. There is an alertness and nobility in his stance, a ‘look at me’ attitude. The characteristic ‘ice tail’ is seen in Nordic breeds which themselves influenced horse types of the Iberian Peninsula. The fanned protective tail set is still seen in breeds such as the Exmoor and Highland. The first horses to come to South America accompanied the Spanish conquistadores. In the colonial days, the extravagant mane and tail hair provided a supplemental income for the owners. Some of the points are given according to where the calf is pushed ie head, shoulder, mid section or rump.

All colours are acceptable apart from partial albinos, however solid colours are preferred. The head should be of medium length with a wide, flat forehead. However, by the end of the 19th century mechanisation had replaced the need for the Chilean horse and specialised breeds began to oust the native animals. The Chilean horse is calm and relaxed when at rest but full of spark and fire when going about his work.

The Chilean horse is a late maturer. The skin should be thick, the mane and tail is very thick, very profuse but also coarse. The Chilean horse excels at the rodeo events thus breeders have no need to outcross. The legs are thick-boned and straight with an ideal circumference of 20cm. Between 50 and 100 mares were turned loose in a circular area, knee-deep in wheat. The seemingly ‘short’ height of the horse is ideal to allow horses to pin cattle with their chest. It is a hardy breed with a low metabolism and great powers of recuperation. These activities became the traditional events performed today in medialunas (half-moon arenas) at Chilean rodeos.

The rodeo event unique to Chile involves two riders and two horses driving a beast around the medialuna and pinning it against a padded cushion on the side of the arena. Traditional breeders held faith with their selected animals and refused to succumb to cross-breeding.

The breed standard give the height range as from 13.1hh and 14.2hh. The Chilean horse is South America’s oldest registered horse breed and the oldest registered native American breed. The breed has a very docile temperament and a huge capacity for work.

The ideal Chilean is short but very, very compact and sturdy. Match races over short distances became popular. The back is short and strong flowing into a short, well-muscled loin. Andalusians, Barbs, even the Camargue pony feature in the origins of the Chilean horse.

There should be some feathering on the heels.

The geographical isolation of the country meant Chile was one of the last of the South American countries to receive imports of new breeds. Limitless energy and sure-footedness was needed. It has an extremely thick undercoat and a longer-haired top coat. Its ancestry is 100% Iberian in origin. By the 17th century Chile had a reputation as having the best horses in South America.

Rodeo had become more organised and bigger than ever. It is one of the country’s favourite sports. They needed to conserve energy to get through a long day’s herding. With such short legs, the centre of gravity is low, allowing the horse to gallop laterally until the moment of pinning its beast.

The 19th century saw Chile’s most … Read more